The Global Times launches new app on July 25 Published: 2019/7/25 19:43:06


The Global Times launched its new app on July 25. The news app includes editorials which show forthright, unique and striking voice of China on hotly debated topics, in-depth articles that tell stories of a changing China through solid interviews and direct approach to sensitive topics, and more reports with a China-focused angle. 

“Hu Says” channel broadcasts sharp video comments by the paper’s Editor-in-Chief Hu Xijin as China, world, arts and sports pitch the happenings of the day. 

Making news fun is also the app’s aim. Videos, photos, and infographics give readers a more diverse experience to browse through trending stories with deep-in-thinking and fancy multimedia products.

Breaking news offers you a 7/24 newsfeed, keeping you updated about the most recent happenings. 

The news app also allows readers to personalize their interests with built-in customization. Through “My Channels”, readers can select from 11 different options available in the app. 

Scan the QR code above and download the app to start a journey to discover China, discover the world. 

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